Month: July 2019

Loan for Retired Civil Servants – Now with Immediate Approval

A loan for retired civil servants is possible. Unlike employees, civil servants can apply for retirement without too much difficulty. This is mainly due to the high pension pension that officials receive.   What is a civil service loan? An official’s loan is often confused with a civil servant’s loan. Anyone who takes out a […]

Should we have a fixed or floating rate loan, which one is better?

  Fixed rate home loans are becoming increasingly popular. Because paying off your installments for years may seem more secure, but interest is higher than fixed pay, so you’ll have to pay back much more (even millions) for security. Although more expensive is a fixed rate loan, many people prefer it, as the repayment installment […]

The moment of truth: Should cash withdraw from the credit card?

Credit cards have many uses, make purchases, pay for services, and also have cash. However, in the eyes of experts, this last option is not recommended however. Attractive it may be in the eyes of cardholders Among the main reasons why it is not recommended to withdraw money from the card is because the interest […]