Take your mistakes with your financial decision

We often find people still blaming their financial problems on cards, loans, banks, businesses, government. It looks like it’s a general disease, but it’s true. Over the years innumerable “accommodated” have been created, unable to assume the mistakes they make in life. Throwing the consequences of their acts into excuses. You may have probably heard […]

Credit Card Renewal How is it done?

Credit cards are a means of payment that we use extensively in our daily lives. Credit card, which is one of the most used products of banks, is widely used in our country and the number of users is expressed in millions. In times when credit cards are used so intensively, the problems we have […]

Loan for Retired Civil Servants – Now with Immediate Approval

A loan for retired civil servants is possible. Unlike employees, civil servants can apply for retirement without too much difficulty. This is mainly due to the high pension pension that officials receive.   What is a civil service loan? An official’s loan is often confused with a civil servant’s loan. Anyone who takes out a […]